Saturday, 19 November 2016

New Music Review #005

Here are our thoughts on ten more brand new singles!

A Day To Remember - Naivety

An upbeat, Blink 182-esque punk number with a central chorus that will get you singing and dancing along. (7/10)

The Big Moon - Silent Movie Susie

With some rather slick and very listenable lead vocals, this slice of indie-pop is a great listen with a few pop hooks and vocal tricks to keep your buzzing. (6.5/10)

DNCE - Body Moves 

Though not quite as catchy as 'Cake By The Ocean', the pop-dance-funk is still present and correct here and it's almost as enjoyable - a great pop record (7/10)

Francis and the Lights - May I Have This Dance

'May I Have This Dance' is a gentle, electro-acoustic number that doesn't hit you with any huge hooks but pleases your ears with its slowly building vibe and feeling. (7/10)

The Japanese House - Face Like Thunder

'Face Like Thunder' is a great, emotional gentle track that will set your heart aflutter with the well layered vocals and general laid-back vibe. (7/10)

Kideko & George Kwali feat. Nadia Rose and Sweetie Irie - Crank It

It may descend into a by-numbers dance-led chorus but the verses, headed up by Nadia Rose - who adds the character to this record like she did on 'Skwod' pack in the energy and tongue-in-cheek vibe. (6.5/10)

Kygo feat. Julia Michaels - Carry Me

Though the song does descend into dance cliches, it's touching and emotional beats in the verses allow this song to hold its head above the water. (6/10)

Neiked Feat. Dyo - Sexual

A song called 'Sexual' by an act that sounds like Naked suggests the content of the lyrics, as does the actual sleeve, but this is actually just a sexy, funky, dancy number that's one of the hookiest in this list, thanks in major to Dyo's great vocals. (7.5/10)

PROSE - Further

Strong production and a foot-tapping indie-rock build-up make this a surprisingly catchy number with plenty of passion in its production. (7/10)

Xander and the Peace Pirates - Fire 

With a smattering of guitar-based hooks and a great central breakdown, this is quite an understated track but it'll get you with its strong production and lead vocals. (7/10)

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