Sunday, 13 November 2016

Review: Teenage Fanclub - Here

Back with their eleventh studio album, Teenage Fanclub's 'Here' is a throwback, retro-sounding, soft-rock album with hints of the 1960s woven into its gruff guitars and gentle vocals. Opener 'I'm In Love' is a smooth little indie-pop number with a Monkees-style rhythm to keep you entertained. 'Thin Air' is a little muddier but will keep indie fans happy and the REM-tinged 'Home' mixes in some gentle political commentary with a neat rhythm and pleasant vibe.

'The Darkest Part of the Night' is my first favourite on the album, a catchy little number built around the hook of the title, the retro low-key feeling shining through. 'I Have Nothing More To Say' is a gentle flowing track that mixes in the gritty guitars with a relentless xylophonic backing.

'I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive' is another sombre, downbeat track, but with a memorable vocal hook in the 'what are you going to do about it' end, even if it's memorable thanks to its repetition. 'The First Sight' takes the muddy production to new levels, the vocals buried under scratchy guitars, though again repetition brings out the hooks. 'Live In The Moment' continues a similar vibe though it's bouncier tempo is a bit more satisfying with 'Steady State' a little too gentle for its own good and fades out leaving very little impression as does 'It's A Sign'. 'With You' goes even more Radiohead whilst 'Connected For Life' ties things up in the tone and tempo you'd effect.

'Here' is a nice little album but it's a little too sombre and downbeat for my tastes and it doesn't have any tracks that really jump out of your speakers, and the muddy production doesn't help the tracks. (4/10)

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