Sunday, 13 November 2016

Review: The Meow Meows - Go Boom

The Meow Meows deliver a twelve track ska-fest called 'Go Boom!' that takes familiar ska rhythms and injects a modern twist on the lyrics with songs about benefits and Tindr dates. Opener 'Kayley May' sets the tone of what is to come with a bouncing, uptempo and off the wall number about the girl of the title and it's hard not to be won over by the fun that the band are having making the music. 'Pretty If You Smile' kicks the tempo up even more if that's possible, driving the music forward with lots of energy.

'Get Off My Bench' and 'Young Blood' may slow the pace down more but there's still fun to be had in the energetic and modern-referencing lyrics. The album continues to keep the energy high with songs such as 'Off Again' and the attitude of 'IOU'.

'Put You Down' is a personal favourite, showcasing more of the ballsy writing, whilst the punky 'Swipe Right' is a potential future single and will certainly resonate those on the modern dating circuit.

'Walk Me Home' lowers the pace quite considerably and channels the Specials whilst 'We Fade Away' is a much more poppy affair. The album wraps up with the funky 'Jack Monroe' and another highlight 'Friends On Benefits' rounds things up.

It's difficult not to be won over by the spark on display here on 'Go Boom!'. The dozen tracks here are so fully of energy that you'll immediately want to get up and dance. A must listen for fans of skas and those who just want something very uplifting. (8/10)

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