Saturday, 12 November 2016

Review: Rachel Mason - Das Ram

Rachel Mason releases an eight track album that lands at a short and perky sub-thirty minutes, but what there is there is involving and evocative.

Coming across as somewhere between Florence and the Machine and Kate Bush, opener 'Roses' is atmospheric and a smooth and sweet introduction to her music before the chorus kicks in with much more energy. 'Heart Explodes' has a fun stuttery feel in its delivery, whilst 'Sandstorm' channels Phil Collins in its slower deliver. Lead single 'Tigers in the Dark' is characteristically eccentric whilst 'Marry Me' feels like the piece's standout number, with its mixture of electronica and repetitive of the title in various styles. 'Queen Bee' continues the vibe whilst 'Cancer' is faster and more drum-and-bass than the title would suggest. 

Proceedings wrap up with the Marina and the Diamonds-feeling 'Heaven', it's 'You and I are getting high' hook the centrepiece, cementing 'Das Ram' as an eccentrically produced and sung yet involving release that has plenty of good musical cards in its hands. (6/10)

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